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If I could change anything about my body it would be my legs, well thighs in particular. Although I would not say they were large I have cellulite on them which I hate with a passion. I have always known that body brushing is supposed to help reduce the appearance of orange peel skin (cellulite) but its not something have have done much of basically because I have always been lazy with my body care routine. During spring I decided I need to up my tanning game ready for summer and have been regularly tanning in some way shape or from and paying more attention to my body in general.

 Dry Body Brushing:

I have been really trying to remember to do this before I get in the shower. Starting at my ankles brushing in upwards strokes, paying particular attention to my thighs and bum area. I have been doing this routine now for a couple of months and I feel like it has really helped improve the texture of my skin a lot. The slight pressure and brushing action helps move built up toxins to the lymph nodes and exfoliates the skin too. My body brush has been chewed by the dog so I am on the look out for a new one, any recommendations?

 St Tropez Tan removal Mitt:

I saw this on Anna’s channel  ( and decided to give it a try. The name of the mitt is quite misleading i thought. I was expecting it to rub my tan off instantly, which it didn’t however its essentially just an really good exfoliating mitt. I have found this to improve the texture of my skin on my whole body especially my chest and the backs of my army where I have the odd little pimple here and there.

 Soften with The Body Shop Japanese Camellia lotion:

I have had this for quite some time and I really love it. It is from the spa of the world collection therefore was not the cheapest but a little goes a long way. The huge 350ml tub smells incredible, like i have just stepped out of the spa! It doesn’t take an age to sink into the skin too which is always a plus! After using this my skin feels silky soft to the touch lasting into the following day. I like to use this in the evenings as I find the scent so relaxing.

 Combine all of these tools and product together and you will have super soft silky skin. Since Doing this routine I feel much more confident wearing Denim shorts or skirts than I did before so it is something I am definitely going to keep up.

 X Leanne X

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