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Festivals are not generally something I go too a lot so I was a bit stuck to know exactly what to take with me. A quick search on pinterest left me feeling even more lost as they were full of floral skater dresses which are beautiful but just not my style at all. These are a few of the items that came with me to The Big Feastival. After just getting back home I thought I would give you a instil to what I actually used.


My Muckboot Arctic Adventure were very much appreciated on Saturday as the heavens opened and fields were absolutely sodden. They are possibly the softest & most comfy wellies that I have ever owned. With 4mm neoprene to insulate my fee they kept me warm and 100% dry. If you are into your outdoors I could not recommend these enough. Friday was absolutely boiling so I wore my Adidas Stan Smith trainers with my denim shorts.

Outfits :
These Esprit dungarees (Shown above) did not make the cut so I left them at home however I did take my ASOS mom shorts  and some Jeans for the rainy Saturday. T-shirt wise I will just be taking all of my J crew basic tees. The real wardrobe was a Jack Wills hoodie I bought from Bicter Villiage. Total bargain and so warm and comfy.


Luckily we were not camping while we are there so I was able to take my usual makeup bag and a couple of body products. I was planning on taking my St Tropez Express tan however I think I may take my Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Foam instead. My favourite Lush Facial toner was also popped into my bag for a refreshing burst throughout the day. I was also be taking my favourite SPF mist from La Roche Posey unfortunately I cannot find this product anywhere online to link.

I am going to do a separate post with all the images I took from the Feastival next week.

What do you take to a festival?

X Leanne X

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