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Last week I was invited to my local The body Shop store in Meadowhall along with some of my other favourite Sheffield Bloggers to have a look at the new range of Masks they have to offer.

The event itself was really good. Holly (Tea & Blush Blog) helped out with the planning of the event which was really helpful. There were mask stations where we all tried out the new masks, Foot massage & scrub station & a makeup work station where we learnt popular eye looks.

There are 5 new masks on offer, all 5 of the Masks are 100% vegetarian (3 of them are 100% vegan) and are made without paraben’s, silicone’s, mineral oil or paraffin’s which is great!

Chinese Ginseng Clarifying Polishing Mask :
If it’s brighter skin you are looking for then this is the one for you. The Chinese traditions were the inspiration for this mask. A creamy mask that really gently exfoliates this skin leaving you with a brighter complexion. The Kaolin in the formula gives you a clearer skin. This is a great one for normal to combination skin types. OI bought this one at the event because I really loved how my skin felt. (100% Vegetarian) 

Himalayan Charcoal Mask :
This bad boy mask was applied to my T-zone at the event and I was really torn whether to buy it or not. Stupidly I did not buy it but I will definitely be going back for a pot of this. If you have oily acne prone skin then this could be a mask that you would want to try. The use of Kaolin in the formula really purifies the skin, leaving it feeling super soft thoroughly cleansed. There are a few questionable ingredients in there such as Shea butter (Not great for oily skins) however they are fairly far down the ingredients list but it is something to think about should you be looking at buying this mask. If in doubt ask for a sample or go into a store to try it out. I am going to be heading to The Body Shop for a pot of this to use on my Tzone. (100% Vegan)

Etheopean Honey Mask : 
This mask has been developed for those looking for to add more hydration to the skin. The African healing and soothing rituals have inspired the creation of this mask. The honey restores, replenishes and comforts dry & very dry skin, not a good choice if you have oily, acne prone.(100% Vegetarian)

Amazonian Acai Mask :
If you have tired dull skin, take a look at this mask. It was inspired by the rituals of amazonian tribes. The use of acai berry, guarana & babassu oil exfoliate the skin leaving you with a much brighter complexion. It looking almost like raspberry jam when applied on the skin, Its also really easy to remove. This texture mask actually reminded me of the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme mask I absolutely bang on about. (100% Vegan)

British Rose Mask : 
This refreshing, hydrating mask is perfect for those looking to add hydration and moisture to the skin. This mask was inspired by European bathing rituals, the use of real rose petals, rosehip oil & rose essence gives the skin plumpness which is great for those concerned with fine lines and dehydrated skin.

All of the mask are available in store or online for £15 (75ml). I think they are going to be really popular!

X Leanne X

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