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This La Roche Posey release came throught my door at the perfect moment. As I mentioned in my Spot free Skincare I had a little pimple attack. I was using the skincare routine I mentioned and finally my skin was much better, I just wanted it to stay that way. This is where this product comes into play.

The french skincare brand have launched another product to the effeclar range, The La Roche Posey Effecla Duo (+) Unifiant. The same formula as the original Effecter Duo but with added tint.  This is aimed at oily, acne & blemish prone skin that wants to look slightly human without clogging pores. The coverage is obviously quite sheer but it can be built up if you need it. I think it hides redness and small blemishes perfectly.

There are two ways to use this. You can use it on its own after cleanings etc or I have been using it as a base under my foundation. I have found I need a very small amount of normal foundation after I have used this all over my face & neck.

Here is the shit thing about this product, It comes in two shades only, light & medium. Light is pretty light and I can just about get away with it and medium is for slightly tanned skin. I think it is time brands really start to offer more shade options for their products, Offering only two shades is a little ridiculous. If you suffer from blemishes, oiliness, or acne you might want to give this a try. I love using it in the morning before walking the dog. I just slap it on and head out of the door.

 X Leanne X

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