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When asked which makeup item would be my desert island essential I always answer Mascara, always. This weekend I have been in Norfolk with my parents, It was lovely to get away and see their new holiday home.  The whole weekend was spent makeup free, well almost. All I wore was this Mascara duo.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer £21.00

This was in a goodie bag from a blogger event. Do you remember those mascaras with the white ends? well this is a similar principle but using black pigment instead of white. I find after curling my lashes applying one coat of this gives separation and added length to my lashes.  If you were going for that no makeup, makeup look this would be a perfect subtle lash product to use on its own.

Maybelline lash Sensational Mascara £7.99

This is my favourite mascara, I even prefer it to my more high end mascaras. After applying the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer I go in with a coat of this, It adds so much volume to the lashes and it is so black too. If I feel i wast a more dramatic look I sometimes go in with another coat of this to really ramp up the volume.

I have found this combination to really work on my lashes, I don’t believe it is really necessary to combine two products but if you have the spare pennies give this a try.

X Leanne X

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