Who doesn’t love a bit of Bublé, especially around Christmas. He is always in the background when we eat our Christmas Dinner so when I heard he had released a fragrance I was really intrigued. Was this going to be another ‘celebrity perfume’ that smelt like palm violets and lasted about 30 seconds before evaporating into thin air? I put it to the test to give a full review.

I have done a far bit of research on the By Invitation fragrance and it seems Michael (I feel I can use first name terms now) was heavily involved in every step of the production & development. He loves his Diptique fragrance so he had very specific ideas what he wanted from his scent. Michael wanted to create a fragrance his (ridiculously stunning) wife would  wear & proudly display on her dresser – The bottle is gorgeous so I assume that got the seal of approval straight away.

He was looking to create something based on Vanilla, sandlewood & Rose but not a heavy hint of rose because that would be too grandma-ish. When you first have a whiff of the perfume you get a real hit of sandlewood which I personally love, It gives a warmth and muskiness to the scent which is really kinda sexy. A short while after you spritz the perfume on your neck you get the warming vanilla coming through which again is really pleasing to wear & the best thing about it is it lasts all day.  You really only need a maximum of 2 spray because it is a Eau De Perfume which contains over 15% pure essence (read this post on the different fragrance types available) I could in fact smell it on my clothing the day after wearing it. The perfumers & Michael Bublé  have created a really well balanced Eau De Perfume that I can see becoming a firm favourite on both Ladies & gents dressing tables. I personally think this would be perfect for your winter fragrance & I can see me wearing it for all of my Christmas events & parties.

The bottle is beautifully designed, It actually reminds me of the Chanel Chance bottle but with a sturdy gold metal outer ring elevating the bottle to look like it is floating. What I also love is the fact that no where on the bottle does it mention the award winning creator, He has let perfume speak for itself.

This is definitely the best ‘celebrity’ fragrance I have ever tried by a mile, It’s warm, comforting, sexy, and Luxurious. I am really impressed by the fragrance and was drawn in by the passion that Michael Bublé has for his debut fragrance.

If you pass a perfume store, Go and give this a try I am sure it won’t disappoint. It is available in 3 sizes. 30ml £29, 50ml £39 & 100ml £55 from The Perfume Shop

X Leanne X

*Features Pr sample.

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