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Source : Hoar Cross Hall


Source : Hoar Cross Hall


Source : Hoar Cross Hall


Source : Hoar Cross Hall

Going to a spa is one of my favourite things to do ever! I love lounging around in a dressing gown and slippers, casually sipping endless cups of tea & having a little doze too. I have been to quite a few spa retreats and I have tried various treatments and have selected my top three.

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap :
This is such a relaxing treatment that leaves the skin ridiculously nourished. It usually takes around 55 minutes which gives you enough time to totally unwind and relax. After the treatment skin feels soft & supple with the most gorgeous smell.

Elemis Lime & Ginger Salt Glow:
I always book in for one if these treatments, especially after I have been on holiday when my skin is a little dry and flakey. This treatment really invigorates the skin by light body brushing, warm oil and lime and ginger salt scrub over the  body. Its possibly nor the most relaxing treatment on offer at a Spa however I really love having it & it is really effective. this treatment lasts about 40 minutes and is around £50.

Clarins Melting Honey Treat:
This a treatment is just total relaxation, They use of hot stone massage releases tension, soothes aching muscles & drains toxins. The honey massage gel holds the warmth from the stones and also keeps the body nourished. I had this treatment at Hoar Cross Hall Spa quite a few years ago but I can still remember how I felt during & after that treatment. It is about 55 minutes long and around £65.

I have not been to many Spas down south however my two absolute favourite spas up North are Titanic Spa (Huddersfield) And Hoar Cross Hall (Burton Upon Trent). If you like Spas you must try these twoo, they are amazing!

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