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I absolutely love cooking, I am not much of a baker but cooking savory dishes is where its at in my house!  I can spend ages in a supermarket or book shop flicking through the pages of the latest celebrity cookbook and always get drawn in by great pictures of mouthwatering dishes. I have collected a fair few recipe books over the years and I have narrowed down my most used. I tend to use ones that offer simple, quick meals that don’t need a bazillion and one spices in that you never use up.

Paleo Monday to Friday – Daniel Green (£15) I have cooked so many recipes from here and adapt them slightly to suite my non Paleo diet. One of my Favorite recipes is Spaghetti Courghetti with Bacon & Basil however I like to add a little Spaghetti to my recipe to bulk it out & make it more filling. The recipes in this book are so, so easy to do. They are really quick and don’t often have millions of ingredients. Perfect for healthy weeknight cooking.

I am current obsessed with The Body Coach Lean in 15 (£8) 2nd book / Blue book. I am not particularly following his program or anything but the meals I have made from this book have been gorgeous. Don’t  let the title put you off, there are still burgers and pasta in this book. Jo Wicks just tells you the best time to eat carbs etc. I would probably say this is my most used book out of the lot.

Donna Hay Easy  (£16) is my least used out of these 5 however when I am feeling in the mood for a little Thai I often grab this book. This is a book for when you have friends over. The meals I have made have been so delicious and look fairly impressive They take a little longer than all of the other books but for weekends it is perfect!

The Lean Machines (£12)  is a nice book to have if you want to eat healthy  and tone up. The exercises in there are pretty good and the meals I have made were really easy and I could actually freeze for other nights too. The cottage Pie is my personal favourite.

The Madeline Saw Get the Glow  (£10) book is a beauty to look through. The pictures are lovely and the recipes are too. When I am trying to be a little healthier I always make a batch of the Cocoa balls to pop in the fridge for when I feel the need to have a sweetie fix. Sweets are my biggest downfall, I could eat them all day every day so I really struggle to cut them out of my diet however these balls last for 2 weeks in the fridge and offer a sweetness for after dinner. I have made these for family member too and they love them just as much as me!

What books do you like to use in the Kitchen?

X Leanne X

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