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A good G&T solves every problem…

I try me best to be as positive as possible but sometimes things are sent to try us. As I write this post I am sat in my parents cottage in Norfolk. I should however be laid on a beach somewhere in Zanzibar sipping gin and tonics and reading my books I had lined up. Basically to cut a very long story short we found out at the last moment that there was an issue that we couldn’t resolve before we travelled so we were not able to make our holiday! Gutted is a complete understatement. I had been looking forward to this holiday for so long, I had bought countless bikinis and outfits, saved up for our spending money , and been plucked and poked by my beauty therapist friend a couple of days before tonne little less gorilla and a little more ‘beach ready’ as they say!

                                “sometime you have to just pick yourself back up and move on”

I was so looking forward to spending some time with Dave (the boyfriend) and not having to go to work. Just breaking the mudane routine, So as gutted as I was I knew I just needed some kind of holiday. The other month my parents bought a holiday home in Docking, Norfolk. It is a beautiful 2 double bedroom cottage set in a quaint village that is just so cosy and relaxing to be in. I have been here twice before however Dave had not seen it due to the fact he works pretty much every hour of every day! When I knew Zanzibar was a complete write off I left work, unpacked my suite case and replaced the shorts with cosy knitwear and walking clothes. On Friday we drove down from Sheffield and I just had to put the Zanzibar trip out of my head and enjoy the rest of the week. I think everything happens for a reason and although it’s a really crappy thing to happen because we lost so much money we have still so far had a great week.

Moral of this super short story. Don’t be dishartenered if your plans don’t work out. Gather yourself and move on!

Have you ever had a holiday fail? Please leave them in the comments I would love to hear your stories.

X Leanne X

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