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Skincare  is something that I absolutely love trying, I love to spend my hard earned money on  a good produce so Its fair to say that I have a pretty large stash in my beauty draw. I like to change my routine for each season, In winter I step things up a notch to try to combat the dehydration during the cooler months. I have a few tips up my sleeve that I like to use…


Layering is really important all year round however in winter I find it essential. A good place to start is by changing your serum. Instead of going for a light serum try something rich in hyluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you don’t want to change your serum add a few drops of facial oil onto your skin after your serum but before your moisturiser. My personal favourite serum & oils are the Vichy Aquilia Thermal Serum & Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. Skin will appear more plump & makeup will adhere to the skin beautifully. Doing this winter skincare layering really helps my skin when the heating is cranked up and my skin is feeling super dehydrated. I do this for both Am & Pm routines too because the Elemis oil is pretty lightweight it is perfectly fine adding 2-3 drops onto skin before my moistriser.

Cleanser switch:

When the winter months approach its a good idea to switch up your cleansers. I tend to opt for something a little more luxurous i always choose the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I like to use these to just give my skin a good massage in the evenings. Obviously this is dependant on your skin type, however if you suffer from dehydrated skin then you might want to consider a switch.

Up the water:

This is a bit of an obvious one really, however I like to make sure I drink plenty of water during winter because I just get really dehydrated when the heaters are on at work & the fire is on at home. Upping your water intake helps keep skin hydrated. I have been using my Brita Fill & Go which I got at The Big Festival, I find that I drink so much more water when I have a nice bottle sat on my desk!


I absolutely love masks, You can tailor them to suite areas of your face & body. I often use two or even three masks at a time. I like to use something more purifying on the Tzone (Generally where I get oilier) then on my cheeks something that gives a bit of hydration. My favourite masks are the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask and the Indian Healing Clay mask

Do you use any different products for winter?

X Leanne X

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