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At the start of 2016 I started a little blog journal, kind of a blog log really. I have found it so useful to look back on over the year to see how much my blog has grown. I know that blogging is not all about followers and numbers but sometimes when you have a bloggers block and wonder if you have blogged about everything you possibly can its useful to have a glance over what you have achieved so far.

Brain Dumping is one of the most useful pages I have in my journal, Its basically just where I write all my blog post thoughts, Most of them never make it to the blog but they are always there to get inspiration from. Every Idea i have had for my blog has been written in the brain dump pages of the notebook.

In my blog journal I have also kept track of all of my published posts. It is an easy way of looking back at what products have been mentioned on the blog over the year. I have found this so be so useful over the year and it has kept my motivation going even when I have not really felt like blogging.

Since we have a new year upon us you might like to keep track of your blogging progress and you will realise actually how well you have done over 2017.

X Leanne X

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