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This is not a new product to hit the shelves in the UK however I have only just purchased it and put it to the test this past couple of weeks. I usually opt for my Urban Decay Naked concealer which I still love, don’t get me wrong!  I bought this because I felt like I needed something a little more hydrating for the winter.

This Maybelline The Eraser Eye perfect & cover concealer is pretty good at reducing the dark circles under my eyes. I feel it lifts the area giving you a nice brightness to the face which you would get if you slept for a billion hours a night. if offers a fairly decent level of hydration and doesn’t seem to settle in fine lines at all. It is pretty good for everyday use but if you need high level of cover then this might not be enough.

This high street concealer has a plastic tube with a foam applicator which I have to say I am not the biggest fan of, I think it will harbor bacteria but nevertheless I still think the formula over rides this crappy packaging. I like to dab this onto my under eyes then use a Real Techniques sponge or my finger to blend it into the skin. I prefer to use this just to cove my under eye circles however you can use it on blemishes too, just be warned it is not a matte formula so it might not sit too well on a red blemish and may need touching up or setting with powder.

Overall I this this is a great little brightening eye product and for the price its really affordable for most. The range offers two shades which lets face it, isn’t the best shade range but for my fair to medium skin tone the Light works pretty well.

Have you tried this concealer yet?

X Leanne X

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