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I have been obsessed with my Olympus Pen E-pl7 camera since 2015. I think I have given it long enough now to really give my opinions on the camera and the lens options available. So I bought the Olympus Pen E-PL7 in summer 2015. It was my first ‘big’ blog purchase. I did not solely buy this for blogging, I has developed a liking for photography and wanted a camera that would offer me crisp images without being too bulky to carry around daily in my handbag. The camera comes pretty much everywhere with me & am so glad it is so portable because I have got some great images just by chance which I am almost sure I wouldn’t have got if I had of opted for a DSLR. When this was launched the bloggers went wild, I was one of them to be perfectly honest! So why Do I love it so much?

Size & Style is everything…

I really don’t need to go into much more detail, Its fairly compact, not particularly heavy & can fit in my everyday handbag. I have never had a DSLR but I have only really heard people saying how clumpy and heavy they are so I was never really interested in getting one of them. It is not lightweight as say a compact point and shoot but it gives you so much more that you can not compare the two styles. I love the kind of retro style this camera has, I liked that it was available in a few colours, I opted for white however 2 years down the like I can see how this was a mistake, I have used the camera to death and the white leather is pretty grubby now, I would recommend going for the silver and black if you had a choice.The flip down screen is what I think first attracted bloggers and vloggers to this camera. When I take flat lay shots the pull out screen makes it so much easier and you don’t have to balance on chairs or tables to take the perfect shot.

Built in Wifi, is it necessary?

For me, 100% yes, I use the wifi function every time I take a photograph. I rarely take out the memory card or use the USB cable to connect it to the computer. The Wifi really is one of the best functions the camera has. So basically you can pair with camera with your smartphone and connect to the Olympus Share app and download the directly to your phone camera roll making it super quick to share an image to twitter, Instagram, snapchat and any other social media platform.

Additional extras to the Kit.

So when I bought my PEN I bought the standard kit which contained the 14-42mm zoom lens. This is a perfectly good lens for taking everyday images, It is also pretty compact which makes your camera more handbag friendly. I however would highly recommend the 17mm lens as your standard every day lens. Its fairly expensive but definitely worth it. I have takes some great (in my amateur eye) images with it and since popping it onto my camera about a year ago I have rarely taken it off.

The second Lens I would also recommend is the 45mm lens. This is a great lens for taking images of products or fashion pieces. It has great depth of field giving that blurring effect most bloggers dream of!  I literally only use this when I am taking blog images and definitely would not use this as my everyday lens.

Another Accessory I would 100% recommend is the Camera pouch. I got this just after getting the camera  and I am so glad I did. As i mentioned i chuck my camera in every handbag so I need something to protect it from being absolutely battered! I think this is just a lot better looking than a ‘proper’ camera bag.

The straps, I have gone through quite a few camera straps that I bought from amazon & ebay but non of them really did it for me. I then took the plunge and bought the Olympus Leather strap. It is a really long strap so you can wear the camera cross body, love it!

Would I recommend?

I would & I have, about a billion times on twitter & facebook. My friend bought one for when her little boy was born so she could gather together some amazing pictures of his as he is growing up, she loves it too!  So as you can tell, I am a fan! I know Olympus have launched the E-PL8 now which I think (not used personally) is pretty similar to this one, I would say if you are wanting to invest in a camera I would certainly try to buy the most recent launch as they might have updated a few features from the E-PL7.

Some images taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL7

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