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So if you missed my last post I went on the best holiday I have ever been on to Kenya. It was incredible so I thought I would share a couple of highlights one of them being visiting a maasai village a couple of kilometers from the camp.

We were really keen to try as many things as possible while we were in Kenya and high on the list was visiting a traditional village. We went to the afternoon just for an hour and it was so interesting. Luckily we had amazing guides (Agnus & Raphael) who had already been teaching us about their culture so we were so excited to visit the village.

When we arrived we were greeted by the women of the village who sang us a traditional maasai song to welcome us the their village.The women allowed us into their home and showed us around. I found it so interesting that the maasai men have nothing to do with the building of their houses, Its the women job to create their home and build it from scratch, teaching the younger women as they go.

In the maasai community they measure wealth by the amount of cattle and children they have, so you often find the men have multiple wives and huge herds of cattle. I found it so interesting asking Raphael & Agnus about the family traditions and they seemed pretty happy to talk about them and go into details about the ceremonies and ritruals

When we were at the village the women had set up a little market to sell the beaded jewellery they had created. It was amazing to see all the huge amount of products they had to sell. The amount of work that goes into them really showed. I may have got this slightly wrong but I am sure Agnus said that it takes about 1-2 months to create a beaded belt! Crazy.

I absolutely loved visiting the village, It was something I wanted to do when I went to Kenya. If you go on a Safari I would encourage you to visit a village, The people are amazing. I would advise that you take some goodies for the children. We bought lots of colouring books and crayons with us and handed them out to all the kids in the village. Their little faces melted my heart!

X Leanne X

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