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So I’m taking you back to Kenya with this post again, I am sorry if you prefer my beauty posts but if you know me you know I am super passionate about animals and wildlife. I am obsessed, so you will be seeing a few more post about this beautiful country very soon.

When I was planning the trip with Marcha from Turquoise Holidays (She is fab, by the way) she suggested we spend a couple of days in Nairobi and visit some of the places they have to offer. We really wanted to go for high tea at Giraffe Manor. I am sure you have heard of this place before but if you haven’t then it’s a lovely Manor house that offers tourists the option to stay in the rooms and also have high tea (Afternoon Tea) in the company of the Rothchilds Giraffes. Unfortunately Giraffe Manor was fully booked but Marcha suggested we visited Giraffe Centre which is actually Giraffe Manors neighbor so it is kind of the next best thing.

We flipping LOVED it! It was around 1000 KES each to enter, so I think that is around £8. We decided to get there early so there was not too many people there which was great because we got plenty of time to feed and kiss, Yeah I said KISS the giraffes. As you can see from the pictures we had the best time… The giraffes heads are huge and once you are out of food they are not interested as dave found out when he got head butted by one! ha, Sorry but I could not stop laughing! – He was fine but the way, he only had a little graze on his forehead!

This place was so amazing, I just cannot believe I actually kissed a giraffe!

X Leanne X

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