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I have been using the Merumaya Retinol Resurfacing Treatment for quite a while now so I feel confident I in the product to now write this blog post.  Research has shown that retinol (Vitamin A) has significant effects on the skin. Vitamin A (Retinol) boost cell renewal which in turn reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles. It is also really good for scarring, acne and pigmentation so basically Retinol is pretty good for anyone. Now that I am in my mid twenty’s I have noticed that the products I am using seem to be more anti ageing and hydrating rather that the blemish minimizing like I was a couple of years ago, Don’t get me wrong I still get some spots but generally they are not as bad as as they used to be. I just feel like with wrinkles, prevention is the way to go…

I have dabbled with quite a few retinol creams in the past however I have never used them religiously because I just can not hack the peeling skin phase. It gets on my nerves. The retinol’s I have already have been sat in my beauty draw just gathering dust. So, what is so special about the Merumaya Retinol resurfacing Treatment? Well It has Matrixyl 3000 in the formula which used for is skin repairing benefits. Research has shown that it has great calming benefits and restores  softness to the skin (read Meleka’s blog post HERE, She explains it much better than I do). As well as this the Sea fennel in the formula reduces flaking effect of the Vitamin A. For me Merumaya have created a pretty awesome retinol cream. It just works.

I only apply this at night, after cleansing of course. I use a couple of pumps for my face and neck (I avoid the eye area) Then I sleep, Its as simple as that! In the morning when I have woke up and checking in the mirror I have noticed that my skin looks pretty fresh and all redness and uneven skin colouring is reduced. One thing to remember with Retinol, you must wear SPF the next day, luckily i use It Cosmetics CC cream as my foundation which has an SPF 50.

I would highly recommend this retinol, It is £33.50 for 30ml. Grab yours HERE!

X Leanne X

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