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Okay, So this is going to a be a shock to beauty obsessives but these are the only Charlottle Tilbury products I have tried, Shocker, I know. Even if I am slightly late to the party, I wanted to talk about this amazing lip duo. Before I went on holiday I grabbed myself the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner, I wanted to use it to re-shape & contour my lips slightly. My idea was that I would use the liner all over my lips then use a lip balm over the top to finish off. I was fine with doing that but then I saw that Charlotte had released Pillow talk in lipstick form. Even though I was in the middle of Kenya I placed my order so it was there for when I got home!

I am so, so glad I ordered this lipstick, It is perfect! I absolutely love the colour and for me it has the right amount of pink to make it more natural.  The new Pillow Talk lipstick is made from the Matte revolution formula which is surprisingly not too drying but it does have lasting power. The lipstick & liner duo gives me fuller looking lips and makes my teeth look pretty white too which is always a bonus. I often find that some nudes can make teeth look a little yellow.

I have quite a few nude lipsticks now and I thought I had enough but clearly there is always room for another nude lipstick, My only worry is that I think this lipstick is a limited Edition… *Must remember to buy 1000 more to stock up* If you have thinner lips or just want to define them I would highly recommend trying out these products from Charlotte Tilbury. They are awesome! Grab yours from Charlotte Tilbury online

X Leanne X

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