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Caroline Hirons is the queen of Skincare advise. It seems everyone has taken her advise at some point or another & I am no exception. Caroline is known for her love of cleansers so it wasn’t surprising that she teamed up with Pixi to create a product that has her name written all over it, Literally.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double cleanse (£24) is a two in one cleansing tub that offers makeup removal & a hydrating creamy cleanser under one lid. Double cleansing is not a new method to me as I was trained as a beauty therapist however many people do not double cleanse, Which is absolutely fine. If you wear makeup or sun cream then I would strongly advise you double cleanse. There is nothing worse than using an expensive cleanser to remove makeup, its just a waste of money and often cleansers don’t really do that good of a job at removing makeup.

Step one is the Solid Cleansing oil that completely breaks down makeup, sun cream & general muck. It uses Vitamin E, Camellia Oil & Evening primrose oil to protect, condition & nourish the skin. Step two is the very creamy cleanser, It feels Luxurious on the skin and nourishes and hydrates which will help prep skin for the rest of your skincare. The double cleanser is not tested on animals & it is free from Silicone, parabens, mineral oil and fragrance making it prefect for any skin type. Even if you have super sensitive skin you should be ok with this cleanser. I have actually tried it on my mum who has the most sensitive skin I know and her skin felt lovely after using it.

The solid balm softens and really glides over the skin taking away and makeup or grime (lovely) with it. even the 100 layers of mascara. I use a warm damp flannel to remove the residue before applying the second step, the cream cleanser. This is a buttery silky smooth cream that is easily massaged into the skin, again this is removed with a warm flannel or muslin cloth.

My only issue I have with this cleanser is the packaging. I am really not a fan, I prefer my cleansers in pump bottles or squeezy tubes however I do appreciate that putting a balm in a squeezy tube just wouldn’t work. Another bug bare is that the proportions (50/50) is a little annoying, I would only use the solid balm in the evenings and would like to use the cream both AM & PM therefore the cream will run out a lot quicker. Sorry to go on about the packaging but I also find that its a little bit messy, I don’t like my products to mix together and I have tried to keep the removable plastic lid on the pot but it has made things a little messy.

Although I don’t like the packaging I do really like the cleanser, Its a great product that works, and will work for everyone. I really hope they collaborate on more products.

Have you given this cleanser a try ?

X Leanne X

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