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I know I keep banging on about our Safari in the beautiful Naboisho conservancy but it was an incredible experience that really changed my views on a lot of things and made me realise how cruel the human race really is. On our visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we saw 24 beautiful baby orphaned Elephants and was told about the poaching crisis that the elephants face. The demand for Ivory is mainly in the far east, where it is used mainly for status symbols and as investment pieces. Researches have discovered there is an elephant killed every 15 minutes for its ivory.

These statistics really pulled at my heart strings, I absolutely love wildlife and just can not understand how people can kill these beautiful creatures. I had the privilege of seeing these up close in the David Sheldrick orphange and also roaming around in the wild and I hope many other generations can experience this too, But at the rate that Elephants are being poached there will be NO African elephants (in the wild) by the year 2025, Shocking , I know. This is why I looking into ways of giving to kenyan charities to help save these huge beautiful creatures.

Kelly AKA The London Chatter was born and raised in Kenya, and has a passion for the protection of wildlife. Last year she collaborated with Auree Jewellery to create the Tembo Collection, Tembo means elephant in Swahili. Inspired by her Kenyan roots and the love of her Maasai beads ( I love my Maasai beads too) this beautiful 7 pieces collection was created. 100% of the profits of each of these bracelets goes to For Rangers & charities which help protect the African Elephants from poaching. The rangers that patrol the Kenyan bush risk their lives every time the head out, So far over 1000 rangers have been killed whist at work. This is such a high number and this is why For Rangers needs all the help they can get, It costs around $6000 dollars to equipping and training each ranger.

The delicate bracelet is so beautiful and can be worn on an everyday basis and can be worn stacked with other bracelets or on its own, I absolutely love mine and cannot wait to purchase more to stack up. I am also going to be buying them for family and friends too!

If you love jewellery, Please think about purchasing one of these Tembo bracelets, you will be directly helping the beautiful Elephants in Kenya.

X Leanne X

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