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I have been thinking about all of the items I was using this last week and realised I have not really spoken abut them on the blog much (minus the Cleanser) The Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse is a firm favourite in my bath room, along with the Elemis Cleansing oil.

Now taking of Elemis, As you know from previous blog posts but as I was scrolling through my posts I noticed I had not mentioned the products that I have been using most mornings since Christmas. I was kindly given a couple of gorgeous Elemis kits for Christmas and this Elemis Hydra Boost Sensitive Day cream was one of the full sized products in the kit.  I have to say It is perfect for my skin. It’s really hydrating but it doesn’t leave an oily texture on the skin. I like to use this over a serum and at the moments I have been adding the Hylamide Glow booster into my routine. Ruth Crilly ( uses this and has raved about it for quite some time now. Since I have been using fake tan of a more regular basis I have been looking at a product to tan my face because I hate using a tanning lotion on my face, don’t ask me why I just do. This is really great. It smells a bit iffy (the typical DHA smell) but a couple of drops does wonders for adding a bit of colour to my skin. This is going to be a top product in Summer!

At the moment I am all about giving my body a bit of TLC I have been trying to do a few The Body Coach workouts, body brushing, shaving, and recently I have been putting a little more effort into body exfoliation too. I bought this Majestci Pure Coffee Scrub It claims to eliminate cellulite, spider veins, stretch marks etc. I think that is bullshit but what do I know, All I know is my skin is ridiculously soft when I use it. I scrubbed my skin to to smithereens the other day! 🙂

Last but not least is my cross over bag from Boden. I was really Kindly  sent this bag by the brand. I love it, I have it in leopard print too. Its a great bag to take on city breaks. Its been to Barcelona twice with my. I think they are in the sale at the moment so go have a look on their site to grab one!

X Leanne X

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