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I am all for treating myself to some luxury skincare or beauty products but sometime there is just no need to splash the cash on certain products. I have gathered a list of

Body Lotion

Like I mentioned above I love a good luxury body lotion however I have been absolutely loving the Garnier ultimate blends body lotion. This was around £4 for this huge bottle and has been used by both Dave & I. It’s hydrating, it sinks into the skin quickly with a long lasting feel & it smells lovely too. There is really no need to buy an expensive body lotions, Just head to your local supermarket and grab one from there.


I am a HUGE fan of high street (drugstore) mascaras. I love the Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara, It is something I have repurchased over and over again. I don’t feel like I need to spend a lot of money on mascara because I use my lash curlers to provide lift and as long as the mascara doesn’t smudge under my eyes or flake off I am pretty happy. I have recommended the Maybelline mascara to a ton of people.

Nail Polish

I am not a big nail polish wearer to be honest, I like certain colours on my hands but I try to keep my nail neat & tidy. I do really like using Essie nail polishes and I do find these last really well on my nails however I am partial to a bit of Rimmel too. I love the Rimmel 60 second polish in Black Cherry. Its one of my favourites and it is also £2.99, It lasts really well, its super glossy and the colour is gorgeous. There is just no need to splash the cash on expensive polish.

Lip Balms

I wear lip balm every single day, I have a lip balm in every bag and pretty much every coat pocket. I really like my By Terry Balm de Rose but is it really essential to spend £30+ on a lip balm? not really. I don’t think you can really beat Lanolips or even a Nivia original lip balm. They are cheap & cheerful and really do work at softening the lips and preventing cracks and soreness.

There are many other products you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on, What is your favourite cheap & cheerful product?

X Leanne X

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