I have to be honest I am a bit hit & miss with blushes but i do know they give skin a instant lift and youthfulness. If i do wear blush I tend to opt for more natural coral tone as I feel like it flatters my fair skin slightly better that a bright pink. however I am more than happy to just stick to a bit of bronzer and I am outta that door in a flash not giving blushers a second thought.

I was recently sifting through my beauty draws and came across this little beauty from Clarins. This is there Skin Illusion blush in coral.  I am a big fan of anything coral during the summer months. Clothes, Accessories makeup, Nails, You name it, if its coral I want it! This is such a pretty fresh faced colour that instantly livens up your skin, Who wants flat dull skin, Not me!

This cute little blusher is pretty good for popping in your handbag for top ups due to its mirror which is on top of the tub & the sponge applicator which is built into the packaging. Now I actually don’t really like applying it with this sponge, I prefer to use a brush for a bit more of a subtle flush of colour. I have used the sponge and I find it packs quite a lot of product onto it which can be a bit too harsh when applied.

Although this is a powder formula it does not look dry or cakey on the skin. I personally this finishes off a make up look really nicely and naturally too.

This is available from John Lewis.

 X Leanne X

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