As a Beauty blogger I get sent a fair amount of skincare & beauty products. A lot of the products are specifically for my skin i.e combination skin or similar things like that. Occasionally i am sent products that would not benefit my skin very much therefore would be pointless for me to review. When I get certain products like this one for example,  I enlist my auntie’s, cousins, Friend’s etc to try it out and write a little summery for me. Last month I gave my Auntie the Lift & repair Serum from Institute Esthederm & here are her thoughts….


“I am writing a review about Institut esthederm lift and repair serum which I started using about

three to four weeks ago. This serum is designed for the slightly older skin – I am 49 so beginning to

notice the lines appearing and my skin changing over the last year. The serum is very light and not

oily or greasy in anyway and when I put it on it just vanished into my skin, I could then easily put my

moisturiser on top and it didn’t feel at all as if I had lots of layers of creams on my face before

putting my make up on. I have noticed over the last two weeks that my skin is brighter and

smoother and looks generally nicer when I put my make up on . I am sure that my large pores have

reduced in size too. This serum is quite expensive for the amount you get and I will be genuinely

disappointed when I finish the tube as I have definitely seen a difference in my skin. I would

recommend this serum to women of my age who want to give their skin a brighter/smoother


The ultra-concentrated formula tones the skin, firming the skin’s features for long lasting results. The serum works to lift on the surface, for skin that is smoother, more radiant and younger-looking. The serum will work deep down to smooth and firm the skin for more effective results if Applied morning.

My Auntie Jayne really seemed to love this serum, even her husband was asking her what she was doing to her face to make it look fresher, We all know If your husband/Boyfriend notices anything then you are onto a winner!

Have you given this serum a try? If you fancy giving this a try then you can purchase your from 

X Leanne X