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I have had my hair in this kind of long bob / collar bone length for a whole year now. I must admit it took a while to get used to it at first because I was used to having pretty long hair before which I just used to chuck up in a bun the majority of the time.

Having shorter hair means a little more work to get a ‘style’ but its totally worth it. My hair appears thicker, stronger and just seems to be right for me at this moment in time. I very rarely have my hair in its natural state, Its ridiculously straight so I need to really shjuzz it up a bit.

I am not mega fussy about which shampoo & conditioner I use, At the moment I am using Maria Nila Volume shampoo but it changes month by month so i really don’t think it is that important what shampoo is used. I have very fine hair so I tend to opt for something that offers volume. My current hair care kit is fairly simple and consists of these few items…

I used to own GHD straightening irons to curl my hair but when I had the chop I actually found it pretty hard to do so I sold them and bought this GHD Wave Wand. I really love this wand, It heats up really fast and I feel like my curl lasts a lot longer by using a wand than it ever did with straighteners. I use this every time I wash my hair and I feel like it was a great investment…

Read here for more info on my current jewellery including these two above!

To give the roots a bit of a lift I like to sprinkle a touch of Batise Xxl Plumping Powder and use my fingers to kind of rub it up a bit and give the roots a bit more texture. This isn’t for everyone, You can feel it in your hair slightly however as long as you don’t use too much its totally acceptable for me.

I also like to use the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo to add texture too, Dry Shampoo is one of those product I have stocked in my beauty bag, I think I have about 5 bottles lined up at any one time, the majority of the time my hair is 90% dry shampoo, with it being so fine it gets oily fairly quickly.

Last but not least is my trusty Wet Brush… I LOVE this thing! If you have knotty hair then you seriously need to try this brush. I lost my last one for a while and nothing compared to it!

That’s it, Super simple.

X Leanne X

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