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When it comes to posting images on my Instagram or blog I try to make them the best quality they can be, I love using my Olympus Pen camera to get the most creative shot I can and I often I find that only have to tweak the image here and there to make it fit with a certain style image that I like. These three apps help me achieve a more refined photograph.

LightRoom : This is my most used app at the moment, I love using this on all of my imaged to devise the pictures I take. I have found this to be the most user friendly app I have used. I love the preset features which can help achieve a more rounded theme or style. I am personally not great at sticking to a theme but I can see the advantages. Light room has been my go to app for a couple of weeks now and I love it.

Snapseed : This is another one I sometimes use if I want to fine tune an image. Its pretty great but a little less user friendly than the Lightroom app. I love the selective feature on Snapped thought. You can select a small area that you want to lighten, detail, darken etc and this app allows you to do this fairly easily with ought having to alter the whole image.

FaceTune : I have this however it isn’t my favourite, I use this if I need to whiten a background slightly. I have seen this app used in the wrong way, people smoothen out their skin, or whiten their teeth, I like to keep things as natural as possible because none wants to see a ridiculously heavily edited photograph.

I know this is only a short post  but I am asked quit a bit what apps I use and here they are really…. Nothing too it! 🙂

X Leanne X

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