I have always had a bit of a issue with my thighs, even though people have said that I look fine when I wear dresses or skirts I have never felt 100% confident in them. I started taking a little more care on my body last year by intorducing dry body brushing into my morning /evening routine which I found really helped with the texture of my skin. I also regularly fake tan, whether that be a weekly tan or a daily gradual tanning lotion. these steps help me to feel more confident about getting my pins out!

Whey back when I used to go to clubs more often (I’m a bit of a granny now) I used to use the Sally Hanson Air brushed legs which was kind of foundation for your legs which was pretty good, Orange, But good because it meant tights were out of the window!

Vita Liberata Body Blur is a similar concept to the Sally Hanson but just so much better. It was created to give the appearance of truly flawless skin. The fairly thickish silky lotion gives a medium bronzed appearance to those legs & arms with easy application. I tend to use my hands however I think in hind site a mitt light be better for a more even coverage. It has a very light shimmer in it that looks so lovely on the skin when wearing shorts or a strappy vest top. The transfer of this once applied is really minimal, It only really comes off if water and a light pressure is involved.

I really , really like this product. Its so great for an express tan & confidence booster too. If you fancy giving it a atry you can grab yours from Cult Beauty

X Leanne X

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