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So I have been a little quiet on the blogging front. I have had some personal issues which left me lacking in confidence, drained and just feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I spent a good few weeks feeling like this but I have gradually started to pick myself back up and crack on with life. Before my little life drama I was really into my gradual tanning, dry body brushing, and all that jazz. I have started doing things that lift me up and make me feel much better.

Friends & Family : This is such an obvious one but I have THE best friends & family around. They have picked me up, brushed me down & got me very drunk…. I wouldn’t advise the last one but it was so good to hang out with the girls. Girls night and spending time with my family have done me the world of good and I honestly do not know what i would have done if it wasn’t for them!

Exercise : This is again really obvious, But going for walks with Archie (The dog) and going to gym classes made me feel perkier. Just grab some trainers and move, Whether its on your own or with someone else, you wont regret it.

Pamper time : This for me is something I enjoy the most, Nothing beats a full body over haul. I have been giving myself a bit of TLC and using some of my favourite products. For my body care I have been scrubbing myself with the Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Body Scrub, I get mine from Amazon and I have gone through a couple of tubs now. It is the best body scrub I have ever used and I can not see that changing anytime soon. I have then been using my Tan-Luxe Illuminating Body drops in my Garnier body lotion for a really lovely glow on the skin. I add about 6 drops to each limb which I find is just the right amount. On the evenings where I want total relaxation I have been treating my skin to my Elemis Frangipani monoi oil, It smells incredible and its really versatile too. I like to use it on my arms and legs before a night out because it makes them lovely and soft and gives a beautiful sheen. 

For the face I have been giving myself regular face masks, my ultimate favourite is still my Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. I bang on about it all the bloody time but its one of the best brightening masks I have used and my skin feels incredible after each use.

Basically, A good few pamper nights will do you the world of good. if you can do this with friends and a bucket load of Gin & Tonic then that is even better….

What do you do to pick yourself up when you are feeling a bit off sorts?

X Leanne X

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