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I have always set myself little goals in my personal and work life but never really had a bucket list as such & I think its a brilliant idea…. I am all about having fun and taking every opportunity that comes my way.  I read Sophie’s (Fashion Slave Blog) summer bucket list blog post & decided I needed to do my own. Summer is kinda nearly over, Did we even have one? mine is like a all year round bucket list.

  1. Book a holiday. Anywhere as long as it gives you a break.
  2. Have a girls night in. take it right back to the 90’s with face masks, 90’s r&b and chick flicks.
  3. Go on a breakfast date.
  4. Buy the designer bag / shoes or whatever it is that has been on your wish list
  5. Go on a spontaneous road trip. I have had some really fun days when I have done with with friends.
  6. Go to a festival
  7. Go to the theater.
  8. Go to the beach, My favourite is Burnham Overy Staiths in Norfolk.
  9. Go for winter walks….
  10. ….Then spend the rest of the day in a pub with a open Fire.
  11. Have a dinner party, I love Cooking!!
  12. Go to a comedy night.
  13. Have a spa Day. My favourite spa is titanic spa. If you can stay over night then even better!
  14. Make new friends. Or spend time with people you don’t normally see that often.
  15. Don’t give a fuck about what people think of you – I should have put this at the top of the list becasue I struggle with this big time!

What is on your bucket list?

X Leanne X

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