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I have such a love hate relationship with winter, Does anyone else have this? I hate the dark, soggy dog walks at 6:30am  followed by Archie refusing to get dried off by a towel in preference for rubbing himself on the beige carpet and light coloured sofas, Cheers babes. On the flip side, I love a good candle, cosy lounge wear and apart from having to actually pay for it, I really like cranking that heating up to make my house super cosy. I think the Danish call it the Hygge method? basically give me anything fleecy and snuggly and I am all sorted for the night.

I have been having a few issues with my TV at home which is an absolute nightmare & I have been looking into the Panasonic 4K TV  which I think I might invest in purely for the fact that the quality of the picture looks amazing & it has everything I need built in. I am really into a few Netflix series at the moment & I think they are going to see me through the winter nights so I need to make sure my TV is in full working order or I will be screwed.

Along with everyone else, I am obsessed with Power, It had me hooked from the first episode and everyone i know is talking about it. I thought I would hate 50 Cent in it but I actually think he plays a really good character, I just can not get Candy Shop lyrics out of my head when I see him! Anyway, I have decided I don’t want gifts this year, I would like Santa to parcel James St Patrick up and pop him under my Christmas tree please…. I don’t think it is a big request is it?

While we are on the series recommendations I wanted to mention Orphan black, I actually haven’t watched this for a while but It’s a pretty good one that I would definitely say is worth watching. I actually can not say too much about the series without ruining it,  it’s a bit of a complex storyline but one that had me gripped from about 3 episodes in. Obviously suits must to get a mention, Who doesn’t love Harvey Spector & Mike?  Actually my favourite is Louis, He is adorable in a weird kinda way isn’t he?

Just writing this has made me want to jump into my jim-jams, light my Jo Malone dupe candles from Aldi and get stuck into one of the shows. I think I will make this my plan for Sunday’s throughout winter, who likes to be sociable anyway?

X Leanne X

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