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Fashion & I have never really got along, Don’t get me wrong I don’t ever look really awful or wear totally outlandish clothing but getting that OOTD (Outfit of the day if you are not in the know) together has never been a smooth operation for me, I think it is because I never really knew what my ‘style’ was. I know I like to be comfy and not stand out but that was as far as it went.

Since finding Emma ( I have really sorted through my wardrobe and put together key pieces that I know work for my body shape & I know I will get a lot of wear out of. So what do I know now? Well, first & foremost I like to make sure I have plenty of basics in my wardrobe. I love skinny jeans, Forget the mom jeans that everyone is loving at the moment, Skinny jeans are where it’s at for me. I have about 8 pairs that I wear on a daily basis. My recent favourites have been the H&M Shaping jeans, I have them in blue, black, ripped. You name it I have it! but I also like the River Island Molly’s & Topshop Jamie jeans too.

I was quite pleased with this little outfit I wore for work the other day. Workwear is a tricky one for me. I don’t have a uniform or dress code, I can wear what I want within reason. I love a blazer, They dress up any outfit and instantly makes an outfit chicer. I have noticed a lot of blazes and 2 piece women’s suits in the price of wales check recently so I thought I would buy this New Look Blazer & see how I could style it up for work. I paired it with a basic white Tshirt, my Missoma x Lucy Williams Large horn necklace, Old Skool Vans & my Gucci Montreal shoulder bag which I have used every. single. day.

I was pretty pleased with this look, Smart Casj I personally think. I suppose I could dress it up more with a pair of heals but I just wouldn’t be comfy in them all day if I did. I’m not scouting Pinterest to look for other ways to wear this blazer.

X Leanne X

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