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I have undergone a year of personal development, A bit of a mental refurb if you will, To improve my outlook on life. It all started with the break up of a long-term boyfriend, at the time I thought my life was done, over, kaput! But now I have had the chance to learn from this & I can honestly say I have never felt better. The time I have taken to work on myself has been really effective and something I am so glad I have done.

First off here are a few quotes I absolutely stand by, you should too….


 Everything happens for a reason.

When you are going through a rough patch (love life, Work life , Friendships) I guarentee someone will say this exact quote to you. At the time you will think they are being annoying and cliche, But it is totally true. Everything does happen for a reason and genrally it’s not clear at the time what that reason may be but given time that reason becomes clear.

Two things prevent us from Happiness; Living in the past & observing others. The past is a place of reference not a place of residence.

You can’t change what has happened in the past, Whether that be 5 years ago or yesterday so you have to start each day with a clean slate. I try to learn from my past and leave it there because no good ever comes from thinking situations or events that have been and gone. It’s over, Move on!

It is very easy to think people have the perfect life but what we have to remember is that people only really share parts of their like that are going well and we tend edit out the crappy parts like our lives are one big photoshop. the reality is that everyone’s lives are at some point or other mundain and a little dull. I was chatting to my friend and saying how her weekend looked brillaint on instagram (She went to the farm with her little boy, and genrally looked like they were having the best time ever) she then told me that her and her boyfriend had had a bust up that morning and not spoke all day, but on instagram they looked like the picture perfect family that day. You just really dont’t know what is happening behind the scenes and that person you are observing me be having it tough too.

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

You might be having a shitty day, but don’t focus on that. If you managed to make the bed that day that is an achivment, Take that and run with it. You will then find you have more mini achivments throughout the day and genrally feel better.


These quotes are all well and good but you have to actually put them into action for them to work. So this is what I have done to think more positively & essentially be happier.

Rest! I have struggled with getting enough sleep in recent months but I took a week off work to go away with my cousin. We literally did nothing all week apart from a little morning walk, Read books on the beach & ate. This did me the world of good and totally recharged my batteries. Obviously, you can’t be hopping on a plane every time you feel you need a rest, so maybe a Sunday is a perfect day for you to lounge at home in your sweats and have a Netflix binge? whatever you choose to do, rest your body and rest your mind before it gets overworked and overwhelmed.

Look After your Body. Exercise in any form is great for the mind! It’s a proven fact so let not beat around the bush with all the excuses. Get out for a walk in the fresh air alone, with your furry friend or with friends of the human variety, just get some trainers on and get out and about exploring! Pair exercise with A good diet &plentyy of water and your body will feel great.

Be thankful for what you have. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I’m not even going to try to be modest about this because I literally have the best friends and family I could ever have hoped for. Not all of them live close by, but that doesn’t matter because I know I could call them and they could call me at any point in the day and we would always make time for each other. They have made me laugh when I have been sad, supplied me with copious amounts of Gin & Tequila when I didn’t feel like socialising although I wouldn’t recommend this, especially when you are a lightweight like me and end up puking all over a friend (Ha, sorry Max!) they have sat with me while we have watched films and eaten Pizza in our pajamas.

As well as reminding myself about how amazing the people are in my life I also think about other stuff I am grateful for My dog, My home, Work, the fact I did a good workout, I basically just remind myself of how lucky I am which then sets me up for the following day…..

If you feel like you’re a bit of a negative Nellie, Try some of these things out for a while. You never know It could change your mindset!

X Leanne X

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