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My god, Kelly (AKA The London Chatter) always delivers on her collaborations. Last year Kelly created a Massai inspired bracelet with the lovely guys at Auree Jewellery which gave 100% of the profits to the For Rangers & Charities, I have one of these bracelets, it’s one of my favourites (Have a read of my full post for more info). But enough about the bracelet, Back to the Beautiful pouch!

Kelly has collaborated with London based Elizabeth Scarlett, They make homeware, Gifts & candles which I most certainly need to explore further. Together they have created the most gorgeous, embroidered Turtle pouch that can be used as a makeup bag, beach clutch, or just as a chuck it all in pouch! The 100% cotton embroidered pouch not only makes a great gift but it also gives back to the planet. 100% of the profits of this pouch go to support The Local Ocean Conservation Charity based In Watamu, Kelly’s hometown. I really don’t need to mention to you how much I love Kenya, I try to talk pretty much everyone I meet to go and pay the stunning wild animals a visit. Mannnn, I need to head back there soon. The Local Ocean Conservation Charity is a private, non-profit charity who are committed to protecting Kenya’s marine environment in particular sea turtles.

The Watamu Turtle Pouch is a beautiful colour & design, I really love having it in my handbag, and the fact that it helps out turtles is just an added bonus. It is on the top of my Christmas gift list for my friends and family.

X Leanne X

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