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As a blogger, you speak to quite a few brands & companies but rarely have I met a brand as awesome as Fredrick Jackson. Toby & Andy are fiercely passionate about their product and their brand and this just oozes out of them in abundance. I have had the pleasure of meeting them a couple of times now as they are a local business (literally around the corner from my office). I always like to champion local business, Obviously only if they offer a great product or service which these guys certainly do.

Now I am a bit picky when it comes to jewellery & watches I like simple fuss-free designs. I once got a Michael Kors watch for Christmas and I think I had sold it within 3 months because it was just far too chunky & heavy on my wrist, I then got my Daniel Wellington watch which I have been really quite happy with until this beauty came along and blew it out of the water!

Classic, Chic, Timeless – all words I would use when describing my Fredrick Jackson Tailor Sterling Watch.  This timepiece is my most worn piece of jewellery this month for sure and It’s not coming off anytime soon. The Tailor range offers 3 different colours for both Ladies & Gents. I have the Tailor Sterling silver,  I was quite tempted by the men’s Mulberry one too, (Maybe I’ll have to get a strap so I can fit it onto my watch at a later date) but I am so happy I chose this silver faced design. Fredrick Jackson Ladies Tailor watch also comes in Rose Gold & yellow Gold hardware if that is more your style. It has a 38mm diameter face so for my wrist, it’s a perfect size, however, I most definitely could get away with the Gents 41.5mm diameter face too.


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