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Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean I will be putting the fake tan away, Who doesn’t love being a little bit tanned? My clothes hang that bit better on my body, cellulite (let’s face it, we all have it) is less visible and I actually feel a bit slimmer too. In my eyes, tan is always a good idea! maybe not for the bed sheets but definitely for the bod!

Tan-Luxe is a British brand which launched in 2015 buy a beauty entrepreneur Marc Elrick. The beauty obsessive wanted to create a range that would give his clients a sun-kissed glow without the usual tan smell and streaking. The Tan-Lux self-tanning serum drops have been designed to be used with your usual moisturiser and work alongside your natural skin tone. This concept is a total game changer for me, I love the Idea of customising my favourite body lotion, Mine is the Garnier ultimate blends body lotion as it’s super lightweight and sinks into my skin really quickly and although other brands offer a similar concept I feel like this brand have really nailed it for me.  I have had quite a few compliments since using it too, which is always a sign of good products, isn’t it?

So how does the Tan Luxe Drops work? Mix 2-6 drops per body part with your usual body moisturiser, oil or cream in the palm of your hand. More drops will add depth of colour. Apply to dry skin in large circular motions from head to toe lightly covering hands elbows and feet. I apply 6 pumps to each body part for a really nice deep sun-kissed glow, but that is just my personal preference. It is so simple to use I can even apply it in the morning and it gradually develops throughout the day.

I tend to keep it topped up by using either a normal moisturiser or I often use the Bondi Sands Everyday gradual body lotion. This isn’t particularly dark but it just keeps my skin looking browner for longer.

X Leanne X

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