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Podcasts were never really on my radar until about 8 months ago. I did subscribe to Serial a long time ago which is brilliant but then I kinda forgot about podcasts altogether.

From true crime to comedy there seems to be a podcast to suit everyone’s needs. A quick browse of the podcast categories and I have managed to find a collection of useful listens.

The Doctors Kitchen

If Health and Diet is your thing then The Doctors Kitchen is a great podcast to subscribe too. Rupy’s relaxed approach to food and health provides really useful tips to add to your daily life. Rupy is a qualified Doctor so you know his advice has science to back it up. He also has some great guests who offer tips, advice and a wealth of information about the body and mind. He has just launched a book to go alongside this podcast so I am definitely going to be ordering this soon. I love cooking and especially making healthy, tasty recipes for friends and family too. I think he mentioned he has used some of his mum’s authentic recipes in the book so I can not wait to give them a try.

Guys, We Fucked

If you are after something lighthearted the Guys we Fucked podcast is a real giggle. It’s like being sat with two of your mates, It’s not particularly politically correct but the unfiltered conversation is just really fun to have on while I cook dinner or work. Krystyna & Corinne are stand up comedians which talk about subjects in a fun and lighthearted manner. Its basically like being sat with a couple of mated discussing relationships, sex, and all sorts of other topics relevant to the news at the

The School Of Greatness 

Lewis Howes is a New York Times bestselling author, Lifestyle entrepreneur and former pro athlete and world record holder in football. Lewis Shares inspiring stories from successful business minds, athletes and celebrities on things like ‘how to Win in Business and Life’ or ‘how to build your confidence’ It’s a great all round feel Good podcast.

Are there any podcasts I should be subscribing too? I need to add a few more to my collection.

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