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I had forgotten how much I love going on holiday! My first jolly of the year is fast approaching, 1 week until Bali, I’m so bloody excited to head somewhere I have never been before and its another one my travel bucket list, I have my eye on Sri Lanka next and I obviously want to go back to Kenya to see my beautiful friends from Ol Seki camp in the Naboisho Conservancy. I wanted to have a little run through of what draws me to book a holiday…


I’m a big foodie. I love cooking, eating and hosting dinner parties so it goes without saying that I love eating different cuisines, especially while I am abroad. Going to local tavernas & cafes are usually where you will find me. If I can learn a few cooking tips while I am on holiday when that is even better. Everything just seems to taste better, doesn’t it? Even salads, They are fresher and more satisfying. My favourite is definitely greek food. Pork Gyros, freshly made flatbread with Tzatziki to dip it in, or ever super fresh seafood and shellfish with a simple garlic drizzle over the top washed down with a Gin and Tonic, Oh my gosh my mouth is watering as I write this! Although Greek is my absolute favourite, I am so excited to try the food out in Bali, If I am being honest I don’t really know what to expect. I see on Instagram beautifully colourful breakfast bowls but I am going with an open mind and an empty belly to try out all of the local & traditional foods on offer.


Well, this is a given, isn’t it? As lovely as the UK is, We just do not get enough sunshine, not consecutive days anyway. I don’t actually sit out in the sun a lot but it is nice to actually see it now and then. Everyone seems happier, Friendlier & more content with the sun comes out.

The people

I LOVE meeting new people, Finding out their story, getting stuck into their traditions. One of my favourite moments in Kenya was when we went to visit the Maasai village. It was incredible to talk to the local women about what they do on a day to day basis and how the build and run their homes & families, FYI, the Kenya women are insanely strong women who do pretty much everything from bringing up their children to building their houses themselves and tending to the cows. The people are what make a holiday, This is what I am looking forward too when I head over to Bali, I have heard the people are super friendly.

The Landscape

I a really into taking photos, I love using my Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera while I am on holiday, It isn’t too bulky and it creates beautiful photos. I usually take just my 17mm lens with me unless I am going on a safari trip, I then use my 75mm -300mm lens which was perfect for subjects further away from me.  I love shoving a camera in my bag and heading out for a walk to find beautiful locations and scenery. I always take snacks and a drink so I can sit for a while and take in all the views I find. I do this on my weekend walks with Archie too!

What do you take into consideration when booking a holiday?

X Leanne X

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