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Non-Negotiable Holiday Skincare | My Top SPF’s

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When I was a kid, I despised wearing suncream, with a passion. My mum always had the battle to try to slather it on me while we were on holiday, That icky feeling was something I tried to avoid at all cost, We basically used to use a one sunscreen fits all method. Grab a bottle of Nivea SPF 30 and use that all over the body & face, Job done. Now I am older & wiser (I think) I am a little more picky about what I use to protect me from the sun. So as you can tell, I’m fair, I burn within a minute of stepping out in the sun and I have most recently been referred to as a tomato (Ha ha) So a good SPF for my face is totally essential for me. As we know, SPF is the only thing that will actually prevent the signs of ageing so It is really important to wear protection every day, even those grim, rainy days in the UK.

I have spent a fair amount of money over the years on facial SPF’s, Trying to find the perfect one, I think I have found my holy grail facial SPF’s…


Dr Dennis Gross Dark Spot Sun Defence SPF 50 (£42)

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the cheapest of sunscreens, however, since I have slightly problematic skin I don’t mind spending extra. Enriched with hydrating, skin conditioning ingredients, the lightweight, non-chalky lotion applies without a trace – creating an invisible barrier between the sun and your skin. I applied this every morning In Bali and it was the perfect product to chuck in my bag for a top up. I also use this daily in the summer days back here in the UK, Don’t forget to wear sunscreen daily, It will save you money in trying to reverse the signs of ageing in the long run. I know my aunty’s and mum wish they had been a little more cautious their younger years!

This most definitely protected my skin in the 30+ degrees heat while I was zipping around on a scooter for 2 weeks. I did keep topping up the sunscreen though which is really important. I’ve had this tube for quite some time now and i sill have a lot left. I tend to use a large pea sized amount for my face and neck each application. It blends into the skin easily and does’t leave skin looking ridiculously shiny or chalky.


La Roche Posey Anthelios invisible Face Mist (£14)

This has changed the SPF game for me. I LOVE this product. When I say you have to try it, You have to believe me. It sis one of the best products for keeping your SPF protection topped up throughout the day. You can sprat it on bare skin or over makeup, Giving you Factor 50 UVA & UVB protection without ruining your makeup. I always have this in my beauty kit because its so damn good. I personally would not rely on this as my only SPF while I’m on holiday however It is pretty much the only thing I use to top up throughout the day. I also wear this when I’m back in the UK as its just so easy to chuck in your handbag and spritz during the day. What is also great about this little spray is the fact I can spray it on my scalp without looking like I have dipped my head in a pan of oil. I just do a light dusting over my parting and I’m outta the door for my next adventure.


Garnier Moisture Bomb Protection Spf 30

If you like the sound of the La Roche Posey facial mist then here is a slightly cheaper alternative. Garnier Moisture Bomb spf 30. This is exactly the same concept to the one above but it’s possibly a little easier to get your hands on. I actually prefer the La Roche Posey because it has a higher Factor but this is great for having around in the UK and spraying throughout the day. It’s possibly a little more hydrating and refreshing than the LRP, which is quite nice when it’s boiling and you need a cool off!

What SPF do you tend to use? I love these but I’m always open to trying new products.

X Leanne X

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