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Travel Bloggers Who Inspire My Bucket List


Okay, so it seems I have the travel bug. I don’t know if I would pack up my life and travel full time (although never say never right? ) but I love exploring new places as seeing new things. I have my go-to bloggers for all of my travel inspiration and although they are super popular already, I thought it might be worth giving them a mention. They all offer so much information on pretty much everywhere in the world, You name a place one of these bloggers have been. I think they are awesome & I’m sure you will think so too…

Wanderers & Warriors

Charlie & Lauren are beautiful people on this blog & Instagram. They are currently based in Bali which is how I found them but they are soon moving on and I for one can not wait to follow them. They show everything behind the scenes on their instastories which is really lovely. I obviously have never met them however they seem so down to earth and genuine. They give honest reviews and tips on how to travel full time. Their images are stunning and make you want to jump through the screen to join them.

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We are Travel Girls

If you need travel Inspo or tips look no further than Thir blog is jam-packed with helpful information for solo travel, Travelling with groups or couples and so much more. These girls have packed so much into the blog is definitely a great read and will leave you wanting to hop on a plane the very next day! I have used their blog for my first solo trip (Read about it here) The tips I gained from the solo travelling post were invaluable.

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Where’s Mollie

This beautiful lady is the reason I had the courage to book my first solo trip. She has travelled all over the world on her own and has set up an amazing facebook group for like-minded people. The WM Global Travellers facebook page offers support from travel enthusiasts around the world and there is always someone on hand to offer advice or meet up if you are in need of a friendly face.  I love this group and I have recommended so many people to join it too. As for Mollie’s blog, It offers great tips for different destinations, photography tips & hotel & experience reviews. It really is worth visiting her blog if you are in need of some inspiration.

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I hope you get some inspiration for your next holiday from these awesome bloggers…

X Leanne X

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