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Why You Should Travel Solo

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I don’t know if I’m qualified enough to write this post yet as I only have one solo travel trip under my belt but I wanted to write it just in case someone reading this just needed the final push to book their first trip alone. If you had told me 12 months ago that I would have just returned from my first solo holiday from Bali, I would have probably assumed you were deluded. My life took a bit of a turn about 12 months ago and I have had the best 12 months of my life. I have learnt so much about myself and pushed myself out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions, however, booking my first solo trip was definitely a bold move for me. For some reason, I was drawn to go on an adventure on my own, There was no method to my madness, It was just something I needed to do.  Here is why you should go alone…


If I wanted to change my location after a few days, I did just that. I didn’t have to check it was ok with anyone other than myself. Due to it being my first trip I pre-booked my accommodation. I wasn’t sure of the landscape of Bali so I originally chose to only stay in 2 areas, Canggu & Ubud. After chatting to some friends who live there I completely changed my plans and ended up seeing 4 different places in Bali, If I was travelling with a friend or relative this wouldn’t have been as easy to do. There was no negotiation or compromising at all, A totally selfish trip.


The amount of confidence you gain while you travel alone is ridiculous. If you are not a particularly confident person travelling solo allows you to ‘fake it till you make it’. It forces you to chat to everyone, Locals & tourists alike so you really have to get your chatty hat on and talk away. It’s so interesting finding out about other cultures and people’s lives. Going alone allows you to try new things. While in Bali I had a surfing lesson, I loved it. Would I have done this if I didn’t go alone, Maybe not? Would I have gone snorkelling with Manta rays? Probably not if I had a travel buddy that didn’t fancy it. I basically just said yes to all the adventures that were thrown my way and I gained confidence in the process! Be brave, Be confident, it is absolutely worth it!


When you travel alone it instantly makes you more approachable to likeminded people. If you think you are too shy to strike up a conversation with people, Just ask a question like “Where is good to go dinner around here?” Generally, people won’t just give a one-word answer, they usually get carried away and if you drop on a particularly friendly person they might then follow up with an invitation. At this point, just say yes. Another way to get chatting to people is to book yourself onto a group activity or day trip such as surfing camp, A day tour of the local tourist hotspots.

If you are interested in travelling along i would highly recommend joining the Facebook group created by Mollie Bylett (WM Global Travellers)  With over 4000 members from all over the world there is always beautiful humans to connect with, Meet up or just ask advice on different destinations. I found it so helpful when I was thinking about heading off alone.

I’ve written a full blog post on my time in Bali, Why not take a read (Click Here)

X Leanne X

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