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Keeping On Track | FourFit Health Band Review

For the last year or so I have been loving getting my body moving, Whether that be in the gym (Although that doesn’t happen that often) at home with a YouTube video from either Cat Meffan, Carly Rowena or Shona Vertue. My favourite way to exercise however is getting in the outdoors either horse riding or walking the dog and my weekly Yoga class at R1se Yoga. Getting the body moving means more to me than just looking better, Its helped my mind more than anything else. When I was having a bit of a rough time last year I walked for miles to try to walk off my anxiety, Like all day every day. The poor dog was permanently exhausted.

Since upping my workout I had been after a fitness tracker. There are tons of fitness trackers on the market and most are pretty pricey. Depending on what you want your fitness tracker to offer will depend on which one you choose. The Fourfit Health Band offers a wealth of information and only costs £49. I have been using it now for about 2 1/2 months and I find it so user-friendly and looks good too.


I found the sleep tracking really interesting, It seems I don’t sleep for that long however when I do sleep I go in hard and am in a deep, deep sleep. Wearing this watch has made me realise how much I sit down while I’m at work, Making me take the stairs rather than the escalator and generally make better choices with how I move my body. If I get too the evening and I haven’t quite reached my 12,000 step target that I set for myself then I grab the dog and head out around the block. The Fourfit Health Band works independently so you can leave your phone in your locker. It will sync and transfer all your data once reunited with your phone. You only require your phone when using the GPS distance tracking. If you download the app that compliments the health band you can have an in-depth look at your stats. and it keeps hold of the information so you can have a look at your previous days.

In short, This is an ideal tracker for anyone who hasn’t bought one before, the features it offers is pretty awesome for the price point. Grab yours here: FourFit Health Band

X Leanne X

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