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So, You Like To Use Face Wipes…

… Well, Don’t. Sorry to be blunt, but I have a solution for your face wipe addiction…

We have all be guilty of using face wipes, no one can deny how handy they are to use, However, with our current environmental efforts, it’s been noted that wet wipes have become the fastest growing cause of pollution on our beaches.  It was revealed that a lot of face wipes available on the market are made up of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to break down. If you’ve been known to flush your face wipe down the toilet, it could have the same impact on ocean life as microbeads. When I was away I couldn’t believe how much plastic was in the sea in Bali when I went snorkelling. There was so much gorgeous marine life swimming around in this polluted ocean, it was pretty awful to see.

Not only are they useless for the environment, they are also pretty bad for your skin too. I obviously can not speak for all brands but they irritate skin like you wouldn’t believe & leave it looking well, dull and in need of a damn good wash. Most wipes contain alcohol, this helps the product cling to the cloth and keep it moist (sorry, I know everyone hates that word but I resist putting it in this post) Everyone in their late teens/early twenties has an I.D.G.A.F attitude towards skincare and makeup. People slapped it on and used 1 wipe to ‘remove’ (AKA smear old makeup and dirt around the face) the patchy makeup after about 14 hours wear and still woke up with almost perfect skin. Fast forward a to my late twenties and I seriously DO give a Fuck about my skin. Retinol (Blog post here), SPF and drinking water are my current BFF’s, anything that will make the faint crows feet that seem to have taken residence on my face disappear is instantly applied.

So, What’s the alternative? well, I have the answer right here. The Original Makeup Eraser (£15) has fast become one of the most popular products on the American beauty market and people in the UK are loving it too. Designed to remove even the toughest makeup including waterproof mascara I can vouch for this, It really does remove waterproof mascara, very well, eyeliner, HD makeup and lipstick with water alone, the microfibre MakeUp Eraser is machine washable and so great if you are used to a wet wipe style of ‘makeup removal’. Me being into skincare obviously uses a cleanser after to thoroughly cleanse the skin and prep for my skincare routine however when I have had a few gins on a Saturday evening this is perfect!

If you have reactive skin, interested in protecting our environment or you are basically just lazy then you probably should get one of these cloths. I now have 2 and plan to get more if I’m being completely honest. I am going on a few trips this year where I’m only going to be taking hand luggage so I’m going to be taking my Makeup Eraser Cloth with me to save on fluid restrictions. I was really sceptical about this but I have totally been proved wrong, It really does remove everything!

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser Yet?

X Leanne X

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