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The 2 Step Morning Skincare Routine

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I used to be a nightmare with my skincare, I used to use every product going, cleansers, toners, exfoliating toners, serums on top of serums, lotions & oils. I still do love all of these items but over the past couple of months I have really stripped back my skincare and (fingers crossed it lasts) My skin feels great. One of the reasons I have tried to strip it back is because I am trying to use less in my daily life, I have spent so much money over the years on fancy creams, clothes that are not particularly great quality and don’t survive the washing machine and even food, I just want to use my money wisely and only but stuff I really need, So far I’m happy with my progress. I still need some work but I guess that might be fore a different post. So here is what I have been using in a morning.


I always seem to head back to the Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish, I just cannot fault it in any way. It removes dirt and makeup (it does’t do the best job on mascara but it does get it off with a little massage) The creamy cleanser can be massaged into the skin giving it a bit of life in the morning and remove any puffiness, I tend to suffer with a little puffiness during the summer months. Maybe its Sinus issues or maybe its a little hayfeaver, Who knows, All i do know is a little massage gets things moving. Although the Liz Earl is my current cleanser I have also been using the Merumaya melting Cleansing Balm again. I found a travel sized tub in my draw and I have failed back in love with it.

To amp up the cleansing I have recently been trying out facial cleaning tools like this one from BeGlow. The 100% waterproof silicone head brush deeply cleansers the skin increasing the effectiveness of your cleanser. I have been using this daily and found it really makes my skin feel lovely & smooth. When I use the Be Glow Tia device the rest of my skincare is absorbed by the skin a lot quicker. This is an awesome little tool. The other end of the Tia can be used anti ageing and contouring the facial muscles which is whatI use it for in the evening.


Like I said before i used to used about a million serums but now I use this one lotion. The Avene Hydrance Light Hydrating Cream. As it says on the tube, Its lightweight and hydrating. This lotion is perfect for sensitive combination skins, as it soothes the skin while keeping it matte too. Clinically proven to reduce tightness and dryness, the cream leaves skin with a refreshed feel and soothed appearance. For my combination skin, its simple & perfect.

What does you skincare routine consist of at the moment?

X Leanne X


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