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I’m Finally Happy With My Photo Edits, Here Are My Tips & Tricks | AD

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Since starting my blog, I have found such a passion for photography. I LOVE taking images and I’m usually never too far from my camera whether that be my Olympus Pen, GoPro or my iPhone. I’m no David Bailey but it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy with the photos I put out there on my blog or Instagram, There is always room for improvement & I can’t wait to see my skills improve (hopefully) over time. When it comes to editing my images for the Gram & blog, I feel I might, Just maybe, have found my flow. So I thought I would Talk you through my process.

Obviously, take the photo.

This is the easy part, Kinda. I like to usually use my Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera with a 17mm Lens, It’s just my personal preference for my blog photos. I usually shoot my photo in Aperture mode with F1.8 ISO set at 640. These settings change depending on my surroundings etc.  Once I have got the shot I then transfer all images onto my phone. I should probably get better at editing my images, however, this suite me at the moment & I don’t like to over edit images, It’s just not me or my style.

Editing Apps.

I personally like to use Lightroom to edit all of my media content, I have been using it for quite some time so I feel I have really got a good understanding of how it works and I can edit photos much quicker now I know how to navigate my way around the app. I open my selected image and slowly work my way through the settings until I am happy with the finished result.  I start by straightening & cropping the image, If I’m doing an outfit photo, I like to chop my moon face off, I can’t seem to show an outfit and not have a ridiculous look on my face. let’s just say I prefer to be behind the camera. After cropping I head over to the presets, I like to stick to Modern 04. It was a recent find & seems to work with my content for summer. I tweak the image further by adjusting the white & black levels & increase Vibrance & Saturation if I feel it’s needed. To finish I like to improve the sharpness, I like increasing the sharpness but I know not everyone does.

Now, I have been known to take a photo of a white T-shirt only to notice in the editing phase that I have missed my mouth and split something down the front of it, Major eye roll. If I don’t have time / or more realistically, I can’t be bothered to wash, Iron & photograph it again I will use an app called Facetune to minimized the stain. or I have now found out LightRoom has a healing tool. I use whichever removes the stain/blemish the best.

I then upload the image onto my blog or Instagram & watch the likes come in…. just kidding, what likes? they are like unicorns, Non-existant.

X Leanne X

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Panasonic however all opinions are my own

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