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Fashion blogger I am most certainly not. I used to try wearing the clothes that all of my friends were wearing on nights out which looked absolutely fantastic on them however, I was often left feeling uncomfortable, Self-conscious and Longing to grab a taxi and head home. Each year I have gained a little more confidence and given a little less of a shit about fitting in. Instead, I just wear what I feel comfortable in. I rarely wear dresses or If I do, I stick to a certain style that I know suits me which I generally something that pulls in at the waist and above the knee in length.

My style is basic. Jeans and a tee, It’s simple, It’s boring but it’s me and I like it. I usually get my Jeans from H&M, The skinny shaping ones hold their shape and are pretty comfy too. So much so I have about 5 pairs of them. For £39.99 I personally think they’re a great buy and I would highly recommend them to anyone that loves a skinny jean. I have also just discovered the magic of Levi’s Mile High Skinny Jeans. There are new in my wardrobe, I will report back about them soon.

Slogan T-shirts have had a real moment, Haven’t they? I have to admit, My wardrobe is full of them and they are mostly from Pretty Little Thing. This Savage tee is made from 100% cotton and I think they are just the best quality for the price.

Simple is always best right?

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