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Are You Having A Quarter Life Crisis.

Rewind back to 15/20 years ago your mid twenties looked a lot different to todays world. The majority or people chose to take the ‘standard’ route of settling down, having a family & ploughing away at a job that pays the bills. Without actually knowing it your life was pretty set out with little room to drift from the norm. Between 26-30 is when you might find yours;f having a quarter life crisis (well actually 26 and 9 months to be precise) according to studies a whopping 72% of people in this age bracket experience this kind of pressure.

So its 2018, you are in your mid twenties, and you sit back and look at your peers, Friends or Instagram real and the realisation that you not quite where you hoped you would be at this age sets in, and you are left feeling a little deflated and lost. There are so many struggles from not getting your foot on the property ladder, Approaching your 30’s without a partner, or not even being able to keep a plant for more than a week let alone a little mini me. Social media plays a massive part in how we feel about our current life, There is nothing worse than feeling a little crappy, scrolling through your Instagram roll and seeing Susan announcing her engagement with a shiny rock attached to her left hand or Kate getting a promotion with a nice fat pay rise or having the ‘best job in the world‘.

I know comparing myself to others does more harm than good but its sometimes hard to keep your chin up when you see 12 year old entrepreneur killing it in the world, it occasionally brings you right back to that deflated feeling doesn’t it? I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends over the past few years regarding this subject and I personally feel its pretty important to discuss.

We have never had so much choice, freedom and opportunity to reinvent our selves multiple times over, should we choose to and explore different opportunities.  Maybe this is where the pressure comes from? Do we constantly think the grass is greener, jump ship only to realise you have to water your own grass to thrive, I have no idea.

I guess when you are looking on Instagram you have to remember that the user is only showing you a highlighted version of their life, its unlikely they are going to post the bloated tummy when you have eaten far too much, the time when they cried for no reason at all or even the makeup free day when they are struggling with blemishes. It’s so easy to think that your friends have perfect lives whether they are travelling around the world or moving up in their jobs or even those people getting ‘exciting’ emails (We all know bloggers who do this, Major eye roll!).

All I know is that if you are feeling like this, you are really not on your own, We are all in this together.I found chatting to friends and family reassured me that life is not measured on a timeline, What is the right time for one person does’t work for everyone.

If all else fails do what I did, book a flight to Bali & wing it on a solo travel trip – ha.

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