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Pass Me The Map | Travel List.

I know, You are possibly getting a little sick of all these travel posts but I have truly been bitten by the travel bug and I am constantly seeking out new adventures and fill my desire to see different cultures and learn new skills. If I could visit every country in the world I would, but you have to start somewhere so here are the places that have caught my eye recently. These change daily as I scroll through Instagram but for now, Here is my top four destination.

Ericeira, Portugal.

Ever since my surfing lesson in Bali I have been longing to head back to the ocean and have more lessons. I had so much fun it was probably one of the best workouts I have ever had, My whole body ached from head to toe and it felt incredible. I have been doing a little research and I think Ericeira might be the place to head too for surfing in Europe. Apparently, Ericeira has some amazing seafood restaurants, I love seafood so this place sounds right up my street. I spent a lot of my childhood in Portugal with my parents but it was always in the south around Vilamoura area, I will be interested to see a different coastline.

Banff, Canada.

I’ve never been to Canada, How shocking is that? I plan to change this as soon as I can. I actually haven’t done too much research if I am being honest so I would really have to look into it before booking anything but all I know is that I need to visit here with my camera & take in all the beautiful scenery, the mountains are so pretty, I would love to snap some pictures there. If you have been before, I would love to hear any tips & recommendations you have, I’m all ears!

Destination unknown, Australia

I would love to visit Australia, the country is so vast I haven’t pinned down a specific area or coastline. I’m currently thinking the East coast would be best, I would love to take 3-4 weeks and explore as much as possible. As you know I have a huge love for animals, I would love to snorkel / Dive the great barrier reef. It looks like the most magical place ever. I would possibly head over to the Sam at Ratpack Travel for a hand in organising this trip. They really know their stuff and I would 100% trust his opinion.

Palawan, Philipines. 

Well, the Philippines just looks incredible, Doesn’t it? I would definitely want to head to Palawan. I wouldn’t just stop there, I would want to try out as many areas of the Philippines as physically possible. It all looks so beautiful and the food is apparently incredible.

Do you have a travel Bucket list? Where are you jetting off to next?

X Leanne X



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