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Nioxin Treatmet Shampoo For Thin Hair.

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Have fine thin hair? Me too, I’m trying out the Nioxin Treatment Shampoo & conditioner

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I give it all the love, use decent shampoo, conditioners, treatments, sprays etc and what does it give me in return? fine, limp, lank barnet, great. I decided I needed to try and find a treatment for my hair that would help it appear thicker and after speaking to my cousin about this while we were away I decided to give Nioxin a try. I have to be honest, I am always on the sceptical side when it comes to hair products, I have just never found anything that has made a big enough impact on the appearance of it to warrant purchasing the product again.

I choose Nioxin purely on a good recommendation from my cousin, but the reviews I read only were pretty great. Nioxin offers 6 different systems for different hair types so I would 100% recommend heading to their website to complete the consultation form before buying it. I opted for System 3, which is formulated to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues, while amplifying hair texture, providing moisture balance and colour protection.

3D Care System Kit 1 – For natural hair with light thinning

3D Care System Kit 2 – For natural hair with progressed thinning

3D Care System Kit 3 – For coloured hair with light thinning

3D Care System Kit 4 – For coloured hair with progressed thinning

3D Care System Kit 5 – For chemically-treated hair with light thinning

3D Care System Kit 6 – For chemically-treated hair with progressed thinning


I have used the three-step system for a good 8-10 weeks now and I really do think it made a difference to my hair texture, It definitely feels a lot denser from the root which I am so happy about and My auntie commented on it the other day which made me super happy. along with the shampoo & conditioner there is a scalp & hair treatment to use after towel drying the hair, I actually didn’t get on with this too well, It irritated my scalp so I stopped using it and just stuck with the Shampoo & conditioner.

I am going to carry on using this Nioxin combo because I am super happy with the result so far so I want to see how far Nioxin will take my hair. I will definitely keep you posted on how I get on.

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