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You’re Heading Off On A Safari | Olympus Pen Camera

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So you are heading off on a safari. Let’s just address the elephant in the room (sorry, It had to be done) I am insanely jealous. Aside from my jealousy, I am so excited for you, Here is my tips for keeping your memories alive using your camera.

I’m no photographer, I just play at it really, however, I love to snap away and keep photos as an extension of my memory. I had the most magical experience on my trip to Kenya, but what is even more amazing are the photos I have as a reminder of my time there.

So What equipment did I take with me? The one and only Olympus pen E-PL7 obviously, I love this compact mirrorless camera, We have had a lengthy relationship & I haven’t treated it that well if i’m honest. It gets chucked in my bag daily, granted its in a pouch but that isn’t much protection is it.

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Aside from my actual camera, I like to take with my 2 spare batteries & a charger, Is there anything more annoying than going to take a shot and having no charge in your camera? That is why I now carry 2 spares. Since having the spares it has changed my life. Having the three batteries on rotation is a great idea while out on safari. Sometimes you are sat in a 4×4 for hours and your camera is always turned on in case you need to take that perfect shot.

So, before my trip, I bought the 75-300mm Olympus Lens. It was honestly the best thing I bought. The lens is a compact telephoto lens, that allows you to get close up shots without having to be super close to the object, Ideal when we are dealing with Lions & Hyenas. As well as the 75-300mm lens, I took my 17mm lens & my 45mm lens. If I’m being honest I didn’t need to take all three of my lens’, I only used the 75mm-300mm & the 17mm occasionally. I had my camera in either Auto mode or Aperture mode as these I didn’t want to miss getting a great shot of an animal due to me fiddling with my camera settings, Don’t be ashamed of using the auto setting, You would be gutted if you didn’t get that shot of the lion roaring…

I didn’t have my GoPro Hero Camera at this point, however, had I owned one I would have definitely taken that too to film some videos.

When you get home I would highly recommend getting the photos printed to show people, they are much more impressive than on your smartphone. I tend to use for all of my prints however you could just head to your local boots or wherever is convenient for you.

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