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Creative Minds | Sheffield Is Full Of Them.

Sheffield is a city bursting with creative humans, and I am lucky to know some great people in my city and they all passion for what they do which really shines through.

Blogging is one of the most creative fields I have ever been involved in and I think that Instagram has had the biggest impact on sharing photography skills, artwork, makeup talent & style. It is also space where people can showcase their latest ventures, Just like The Good Life Co (AKA my nutty buddy Aimee) & The cool Calm Collection (AKA The most high spirited girl, Prue). These two beauties have taken their created two brands that I am so proud to support.

The Good Life Co.

Aimee is a total babe & Sustainability is something she is very passionate about, I admire her for this. The good Life Co is something I have watched her bring to life from a little hobby to an idea then to its launch only a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more proud. The brand was created to help promote positive minds and people that care about issues surrounding mental health and empowering one another.

She consumes a plant-based diet which she wanted to feed through to her brand too & I have personally seen the research gone into sourcing vintage jackets, the vegan-friendly paint used, The biodegradable boxes for shipping & reusable organic cotton bags to store the jackets in. There is a huge focus at the moment on sustainability in the fashion industry so I think this brand has come at the perfect time for consumers looking to change their purchasing habits. Each Good Life jacket takes Aimz between 10 and 15 hours to complete (that is as well as having a family & working full time, told you she was a mega babe!) Her office is full of jackets in progress and ones ready to ship to their new owners.

I love my jacket and sling it on at any given opportunity. If you would like to grab one Head over to The Good Life Co Etsy shop.


The Cool Calm Collection.

Prue is an absolute firecracker to be around and is genuinely one of the most lovely people you will ever meet and I am so impressed with her new venture. The Cool Calm Collection provides personalised bags, tees, home accessories and lots more. Back in the 90’s Leanne wasn’t a particularly popular name so it was rarely on any of the keyrings stands so anything embossed or engraved with my name or initials is instantly appealing to me. My favourite piece from The CCC Edit is the Power Tote. It’s flipping huge and made from the best quality material. I can fit everything in this bag, even the kitchen skin & It’s only £19.99.


When you buy from a small business a actual human does a little happy dance

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