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L’Occitane #LightForSight Charity Candle.

I am always happy to post reviews and promote charity collections, I think the beauty industry is worth around 17 billion or something ridiculous like that so if companies can help a charity out here and there then I’m right behind them. When I got the press email about this candle I was taken back to when my grandma was alive. She was about 78 or 79, I can’t remember exactly however she went to bed being able to see everything, she woke up the next morning completely blind. The condition was giant cell arteritis is actually pretty common, especially in the over 50’s, I think my grandma had a pretty severe case of this as I believe permanent vision loss is the worst case scenario, Nevertheless, I can only imagine how scary it is to lose your sight, It must be horrendous for everyone, especially children. L’Occitane has joined forces with Unicef to supply children with Vitamin A supplements in Bolivia, Myanmar & Papua New Guinea & many more. 100% of profits from 1 solidarity Candle supplies 5 children with one year worth of vitamins with the hopes that their sight will remain and they live to have a healthy, Happy Future.

The candle is packaged in a lovely little tin. As soon as you remove the lid, You are greeted with a beautiful light floral scent that fills the room in moments of being lit. At only £9 per candle I personally think its a great little gift for a friend or relative or if you are well into your Christmas shopping, This would be a great stocking filler.

Grab yours from L’Occitane or pope into one of their stores. Don’t forget to tag them on social media using the #LightForSight hashtag.

X Leanne X

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